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The OBriens
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1996 Zion/Bryce/Grand Canyon
1997 GoldRush/CO/NM/AZ
1998 Canadian Rockies
1999 Soth West
2000 Route 66
2001 Idaho
2001 Montreal
  2002 South West
2003 Golf Coast
2004 No Trip
2005 South West
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Motorcycling My main interest is in touring for a month or just cruzing along for the afternoon but wether your interest is in Touring, Cruzing, street bike or sport bike, I hope you will appreciate these pictures I wish to share in order to promote the great experience of biking.
It's a great country out there!
100K miles I reached 100,000 miles on my 96 Goldwing back in 2001. I currently have 173K miles on return from my 2006 trip and it's still running great!

This Photo Album of my riding is still under construction. Before 2001 I didn't have a digital camera and scanning the pictures are very time consuming. The site is divided into Trips by year and by region, as well as weekend and day rides.
At the moment, the following section is available:

  • 2001 Trip1 a 1 week trip around the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho
  • 2001 Trip2 Long and hard trip to Montreal Canada to visit family
  • 2002 South West (NV/AZ/UT/CO/NM)
  • 2003 The South (Gulf coast Texas, LA, MS, AL, GA. Return: TN/AK/OK/TX/NM/AZ/CA)
  • 2005 NV/ID/UT/AZ/NM
Other Sections will be available when I get a chance:
  • 1996 Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon
  • 1997 GoldRush at Copper Mtn Colorado, New Mexico, then to San Diego for my Son's US Marine graduation.
  • 1998 Yellowstone, Glacier NP, Canadian Rockies Alberta, Vancouver island and back down the Pacific coast
  • 1999 South West (NV/AZ/UT/CO/NM)
  • 2000 Route 66, to Chicago via S Dakota and return on Route 66 to Santa Monica
  • 2004 Grandaugther visiting, no long bike trip this year
Various rides mostly in California