Backpacking to Havasupai

(The People of the green blue water)

June 1999

Home Backpacking

The end of the road. Now we walk...

View from the parking lot

US Mail Delivery, by Mule

It's a long way down!   8 miles to Supai

Nathalie taking a break

Made it to Camp, Let's go for a hike!

Mooney Falls

Nathalie climbing down the fall

Made it to the bottom

Heading towards the Colorado river and looking back at Mooney Falls

Following the river

Lush vegetation is quite a surprise in the desert!

Back to Camp, Going for a well deserved dip

Havasu Falls

Had a nice swim in the ponds but floating on my back, got swept by the current and went over the rocks into a lower pond, ouch...

Nathalie tried swiming to the fall but the current was too strong as she got closer.